2020 has proven to be a difficult year, and now we are facing our biggest challenge yet.  Due to the pandemic, our landlord agreed to delay our lease renewal until the first of next year.  Unfortunately, that changed this week when we were informed that a renewal was no longer going to be an option as a new tenant offered higher rent and a longer term for our current space.  We have been asked to be out by December 15th! As you can imagine, this was unexpected and devastating news that has sent us into quite the panic.
While we had hoped to relocate to a higher traffic area eventually, we weren't planning on this happening so soon. The good news is we have found a new space and we are currently in lease negotiations with them.  We hope to have it finalized this coming week. The bad news is the space needs a lot of work to fit our needs and it will be costly. Unexpected costs, with the added pressure of time, puts us in a position where we are in need of your support to make this happen. We are looking into options for additional funding through the SBA, however, if you can donate to our Relocation Fund it will help us re-create the loving foster home we have now and allow us the opportunity to continue saving cats in need. All donated funds will be used to help cover our moving expenses and buildout costs (including construction, paint, flooring, electrical, plumbing, etc).

Your support means the world to us.  We know that we couldn’t have done anything we’ve done in the last three years without the support of the wonderful people in our community.  We've found homes for over 250 rescue cats, and we truly believe we can do much much more!
Our last day of business in our existing space will tentatively be Sunday, December 6th.  We will post updates on the new space and timeline to re-open as soon as we know them.  Our goal is to be back up and running in January.
Thank you so much for your support! 

Curtis and Taura Byrd
Catfeine Cat Cafe

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* Please note we are a self funded Limited Liability company, therefore donations are not tax deductible.*

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