We're Curtis and Taura Byrd, owners of Catfeine Cat Cafe in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Our journey together spans over the last 25 years and includes getting married, playing in many bands, making the move from Alabama to "Music City", working way too much and too hard in the corporate world, and raising many furbabies along the way! Opening a Cat Cafe became a dream of ours in 2015 after watching an episode of Shark Tank. We're love cats and have always been cat people....but we had never heard of a cat cafe and fell completely in love with the concept!  We immediately began researching and learning all that we could about cat cafe's, like how they originated in Asia in 1998.  Since then, they have spread throughout the world, reaching the US just 5 short years ago with over 100 being in the US to date! We knew we wanted to do this, but it was scary and overwhelming and we didn't even know where to start!  The journey to open was long and hard and we faced many challenges along the way.  From initial concept to actually opening took over 2 years!  We finally opened our doors in April 2019 and have since found homes for almost 500 rescue cats. We are so proud of our mission and being a part of such a wonderful community.